Charging for Communal, Residential & Commercial Parking

The award winning eVoomXT is a multi-user smart charge point designed for communal residential and commercial EV charging (workplace, retail parks).

Designed with an integrated touchscreen, its modular design simplifies installation and maintenance. A cooling functionality means that at full power, the temperature is 10°c lower than the industry average, extending its life by more than eight years.

Incorporating triple protection technology for safe charging and available to suit single phase (7.4KW) or three phase (11KW/22KW) options, users can access the smart charge point via the app (free to download) or RFID card. Optional cloud based software allows communal parking areas to be managed by a Charge Point Operator (CPO), who is then in control of operating and maintaining the EV charging facility and billing the users.

The eVoomXT is a winner of both the Red Dot Design Award (2022) and iF Design Award (2022).

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Easy Install

Easy Installation



The eVoomXT can support up to 7.4KW 32A on single phase or 22KW 32A on three phase and has an untethered Type 2 connector



Supported by a full 5-year parts & labour warranty


PEN Protection

Provides loss of earth protection, eliminating the time, cost and disruption for an earth rod to be installed



Suitable for inside or outside mounting

Innovative Technology for Long Life, Phase Balancing & Cloud Based Management

Packed with triple protection technology for safe charging, the eVoomXT features optional intelligent battery diagnostics for longer life. Load management and phase balancing options are available so the maximum number of vehicles can be charged simultaneously.


Available to suit single phase (7.4KW) or three phase (11KW/22KW) options, users can access the smart charge points via the app (free to download) or RFID card. The CPO can access the Deta.e cloud based management solution to oversee status and provide billing as required. Incorporating the OCPP 1.6J operating system allows third party apps and management solutions such as Clenergy, Monta or Fuse to be used where preferred.

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➢ Integrated 30mA AC & 6mA DC RCD Protection
➢ Built in Open PEN Fault Protection 
➢ RFID Enabled
➢ 4G, Wi-Fi, Ethernet and Bluetooth Connectivity
➢ Over-the-Air Firmware Updates
➢ Scheduled & Energy Tariff Charging Options
➢ Safe Electrical Load Management
➢ OCPP 1.6J compliant for Remote Management & Control
➢ 5-Year Warranty

Product Number
Connection Capacity
Single Phase, 7.4kW & Three Phase , 22KW AC
Charging Connector
Un-tethered, IEC 62196/Type 2
Charging Protocol
Mode 3 (EN/IEC61851)
Status Indication / HMI
Touch Screen & Multi-colour LEDs
WiFi 802.11b/g/n @ 2.4GHz; Ethernet; Bluetooth; 4G; RS485
Dimensions (H xWx D)
335mm x 187mm x 85mm
Mounting Type
Pole/Wall mounted
Unit Material
Operating Temperature
-40 to +55° C
Operating Humidity
Up to 95%RH, non-condensing
IP Rating
IP54, IK10
EMC Compliance
EN61000-6-3:2006, EN61000-6-2:2019
Safety Compliance
EN 60950-1:2006 + A11 + A1, EN60950-22:2006, BS7671:2018 + A2:2022
EV Charging Compliance
EN61851-1:2019, EN61851-21:2002, EN61851-22:2002, IEC62196-1
AC Charging Output
7.4kW, 32A@230V AC & 22kW, 32A@400V AC
Input Voltage
230V AC & 400V AC nominal
Input Frequency
50 Hz
Input Current (max)
32 A
Energy Monitoring
Power and energy monitoring as standard via APP & LCD display
Overcurrent Protection
Internal overcurrent protection
PEN Fault Protection
Built-in open PEN protection (detection + isolation). Can safely be installed without an earth-rod
RCD Protection
Integrated 30mA AC and 6mA DC RCD
Service Fuse Protection
Automated load management via wired CT and MID meter (available seperately)
MID Meter
Inbuilt +/- 1%