Evolving with Deta eVolo

In response to Building Regulations Part S, which mandates the installation of EV charge points in all new build residential properties as well as those undergoing major renovation, eVolo’s modern, smart and stylish range arrives.

Let’s take the opportunity to find out all about the brand and what it brings to the EV market.

As energy sources evolve towards more eco-friendly alternatives, Deta Electrical has launched Deta eVolo, its new sustainability brand. Offering products using leading technology, eVolo launches with a range of smart, safe and secure EV charge points to assist homeowners and businesses in making an easy transition to a new energy efficient future.  

Jason Peters, Commercial Director of Deta Electrical, says “Following regulation changes for new builds and existing homes, we recognise the UK’s growing demand for futureproofed Electric Vehicle charging solutions. Through our established UK distribution network, we will be able to present housebuilders, contractors and end users with a stylish, compact and feature rich range of EV charge points.”


Smart! Safe! Secure!

Designed with cutting edge technology, Deta eVolo EV charge points offer smart, safe and secure EV charging solutions for residential (single dwelling and communal) and commercial (workplace and public) parking.

Simple to install and easy to use, eVolo smart charge points provide users with a best-in-class charging experience.

An intuitive charge app provides drivers with a convenient solution for managing their charge point(s) either in situ or remotely from the palm of their hand.


Updated Government Legislation for EV Charging

Building Regulations Part S, which took effect in June 2022, requires new build properties and existing homes undergoing large renovations (of 10 or more dwellings) to have electric vehicle charge points installed.

Electric Vehicles (Smart Charge Points) Regulations 2021, which took effect in June 2022, requires all electric vehicle charge points sold in the UK to meet the requirements of the regulations.

Additionally, there has been a change of emphasis for OZEV grants, which are now available for apartment blocks, rented accommodation and the workplace.


Charging at Home

The eVoom charge point is compact, smart and suitable for charging electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles in residential single dwellings with dedicated parking.

Designed for quick installation and ease-of-use, this charge point offers a reliable and secure EV charging solution for the whole family.

Providing up to 7.4kW power rating, the eVoom charge point is not only faster, but also safer than a traditional 3-pin plug.

Housed in a compact design, the 7.4kW eVoom charge point offers the flexibility to be mounted directly onto a wall or on a post in remote car parking spaces.

Operated via the app or by RFID Card, it's easy to switch the charge point on and off, restricting access to approved users.

Deta eVolo’s EV charge points meet the requirements of the Electric Vehicles (Smart Charge Points) Regulations 2021. Offering an intelligent design, they allow users the ability to schedule charging and take advantage of demand side response services.


Charging for Residential (Communal) & Commercial (Workplace or Public) Parking

The eVoomXT charge point provides up to 22kW (three phase) or 7.4kW (single phase) charging dependent upon available supply. It is a multi-user, smart charger designed for residential and commercial EV charging.

Optional cloud-based software allows communal parking areas to be managed by a Charge Point Operator (CPO), who is then in control of operating and maintaining the EV charging facility and billing the users.


Smart App Control

Complete with a multitude of features, a purpose-built app allows users to track, manage and optimise EV charging.

Free to download via the website (or via the App Store or Google Play), users can carry out vehicle charging to suit their lifestyles. Charging can be scheduled remotely at times that suit or when lower energy prices are available.


Focused on a Greener Today and Tomorrow

Supporting a sustainable future is at the core of the eVolo brand.

eVolo’s EV charge points have been developed using cutting edge technology, allowing products to be manufactured using recycled materials, protecting the environment for years to come.

In support of eVolo’s pledge to promote environmental sustainability, a tree will be planted for every EV charge point sold.


65 Years of Electrical Expertise

Founded in 1958, Deta Electrical is a market leading manufacturer and distributor of high-quality wiring, lighting and electrical accessories. With a reputation for quality, reliability and value for money, Deta is the number one specification of choice in the new build segment.

Deta Electrical is well established as a leading supplier to the UK, electrical wholesale and retail DIY markets, with a strong presence in the Middle East.