Want to be able to start and stop your EV charge point simply using a smart card, without the need to log in to your app?

Whether you want to upgrade to RFID technology or need replacement RFID cards, we can help.

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An Deta.e RFID card is equipped with radio frequency identification technology.This allows your card to communicate with the eVolo EV charge point by simply tapping or waving it over the unit to activate it or turn it off..

If your charge point doesn't offer the RFID option, we provide you with the opportunity for an upgrade. If you haven't registered for the warranty, that should be done first here.

If the warranty has expired and you want to upgrade, we will send you an RFID upgrade pack including two eVolo RFID smart cards.

If you have misplaced your RFID cards and another is required, more replacements can be purchased here.

RFID Upgrade


Extra/ Replacement RFID Cards